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By Maggie Shayne. Upload Sign In Join. Home Books Romance. Create a List. Download to App. Ratings: Rating: 3. Length: pages 5 hours. Description As an ancient king's favourite harem slave, Lilia committed the worst of all possible crimes: loving another man. When the king discovered her treason, her lover was sentenced to lose his soul and linger in eternal imprisonment, and Lilia herself was executed alongside her sisters. While they reincarnated through countless lifetimes, she lingered alone between worlds for thousands of years, waiting for the moment to rescue her beloved Demetrius.

Now that moment has come. Demetrius has broken free, but without his soul and in the thrall of the same high priest who betrayed them so long ago, he has become a ravaging demon, devoting himself solely to pleasure and power.

Somehow Lilia must convince him to reclaim his humanity and abandon the enemy tempting him to give in to his cruel desires — or her life will be lost alongside his. Will both of them be condemned to eternal damnation and isolation, or will their love survive forever?

Related Categories. Start your free 30 days. Page 1 of 1. I've read a lot of good books in my time. A LOT. Heck, I've read a ton of amazing Maggie Shayne books! But The Portal series has literally blown me away, and this installment I'm speechless right now. It literally took my breath away, made my heart pound so hard it almost hurt, and gave me goosebumps besides. Absolutely incredible!! Full of magick, romance, intrigue, action and heart.

It pulls you along and doesn't let go and makes you yearn for the next installment immediately upon finishing the one at hand. Blood of the Sorceress, being the final book of the series was perfectly set, wrapped everything up beautifully, and even opened the way for a spin-off series should Maggie ever decide she might like to do one. I can tell you that there is a romance that has endured eons, a family that loves each other unconditionally despite their troubles, a villain that is absolutely despicable, action and intrigue that, while somewhat expected, were perfectly set into the storyline, supporting characters that you love and need, and prose that makes you wish you didn't ever have to put the book down.

These books are already getting a bit worn and I can foresee them becoming quite ratty as the years wear on, whether that be realistically or metaphorically with the eBook versions, simply because they deserve a re-read or 2 or I'm sad to see the series end, but I am honored to have been a part of the journey!

It does a good job tying up the loose ends and filling in the blank spots. Thier is a few love scenes in the book that I skipped over. Thier was plenty of drama,romance,magic and action. The characters that in previous books that I really did not care about I learned to care and see why they acted that way.

The new characters especially Gus and Sid I liked. Demetrius is now free naked and alone. He only has the three items that the first two witches used to hold part of his soul with him. Demetrius finds a empty cottage and takes clothes,a bus ticket to New York, and some money.

He ends up living on the street with a old homeless man Gus his only friend. Who does not really believe his story. Lilia can only be brought into the world by Demetrius using his gifts and powers. Then she only has a short time to convince him to give up his powers and imortality to live on earth with her till they die a natural death.

She can not tell him that if he does not agree to give up his powers and accept the part of his soul she holds by a certain date they both will die. Demetrius and Gus are dreaming what they would do if they won the lottery when the knife and the chalis started to glow. A voice in his head told him what to do. When he followed the voice Lilia appeared naked into the alley with him. He ran from the witch into a drunk driver. Who was a really rich and wanted to run for public office soon.

So he gave Demetrius a mansion to live in for a year. Stock in his company, house staff for 3 year and money to take care of thier needs in arizonia. Same time that Lilia came to earth so did the wizard who cursed Demetrius and killed the 3 witches. He came and took over the Priest who was in a comma body. He Plans to stop them again. I did not put the book down unless I had to till it was finshed. If you have read the first 2 books of the series this is a must have to see it closed.

Hopefully you will like it as well too. I was given this ebook to read in return asked to give honest review from Netgalley.


Blood Of The Sorceress

Excellent — Loved it! Sexual Content Multiple sex scenes. Description Their Love was destiny. Was a curse to be their undoing? When the king discovered her treason, her lover was sentenced to lose his soul and linger in eternal imprisonment, and Lilia herself was executed alongside her sisters.


Blood of the Sorceress

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