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Would you like a newspaper? On the left, there. By the window. Thank you very much. She has young and pretty. Just like my daughter, he thought. He put his bag under his seat and sat down. His friend Harald sat beside him. They watch the older passengers coming onto the plane.

Harald looked at his watch. Harald smiled. Have you seen this, sir? I always something back for them. The older one has a birthday tomorrow. I hope he gets some sleep. The plane took off. Carl watched the lights of the airport grow smaller below them. Then the plane flew above the clouds and he could see the moon and the stars in the night sky. He lay back in this seat and closed his eyes.

Chapter 2 Later, he woke up. Harald was asleep. Carl looked at his watch. It was midnight. He called the air hostess. What time to do arrive? Oh, wait a minute — could I have a cup of coffee, please? She look nervous, not sure what to do.

She smiled. He drank the coffee and started to read his newspaper. When Harald woke up, Carl showed him a page in the paper. He pointed to a picture. In the middle of the picture stood Carl himself — a short thin man with grey hair, wearing a suit. Behind him, on the left, was Harald — a tall, strong young man, like a sportsman. Both men were smiling.

You can show it to your sons. Harald laughed. Here, take it, and show it to them. Harald looked surprised. Carl looked up and saw the young air hostess. She was sitting in a seat at the front of the plane with two young men. They looked worried and nervous. The other man and the air hostess followed him. For one or two minutes nothing happened. None of the other passengers moved or spoke. They had seen the young men too. It became very quiet in the plane. A bell rang, and for a moment they could hear two voices arguing.

Then the pilot spoke. Please do not be afraid. There is a change of plan. We have to land at another airport before we finish our journey.

We will land in fifteen minutes. Please stay in your seats and keep calm. Thank you. She looked very different now because she had a machine gun in her hand. She stood at the front of the plane and watched the passengers carefully.

Another police officer opened the front door of her house. Inside the house it was quiet. Her daughter was reading. She put the book down.

I wanted to talk to you about my homework, remember? Helen sat down. I did remember, really. But I had very busy day. They sat in the kitchen and talked for nearly half an hour.

Then Helen looked at her watch. She was very tired, she closed her eyes and three minutes she was asleep. The phone rang at Helen groaned, and picked it up. Are you sure? Helen groaned again, and sat up. All right. Send the car in fifteen minutes, then. And bring me some coffee! She put the phone down and got out of bed.

Outside the tomorrow she could hear a strong wind blowing. Twenty minutes later she was sitting in the back of her big black car, drinking a cup of coffee and talking to the Chief of Airport Police on the car telephone.

It was raining heavily. Chapter 4 Carl looked out of the plane window. It was very dark and rainy. It was a small airport with only one or two other planes. But there were three police cars near the airport building. Harald looked worried. The young air hostess was still standing at the front of the plane with her machine gun. One of the young men, also with machine gun, was standing at the back of the plane. All the passengers sat very quietly in their seats.

This plane is ours now, and are you our prisoners. We do not want to hurt you, but as you can see, we have our guns and we know how to shoot. So please, sit quietly in yours seats and do what we say. We will be here for one or two hours. The Government of this country has two of our brothers in a prison near this airport. We are asking the Government to bring our two brothers to this plane.

When our brothers are free, you will be free. We think this will take one of two hours, but not very long. As you know, the Prime Minister of this country is only a woman. She will do what we say. So do not worry.

Just sit very still and wait a little while. Carl looked at Harald.


“Skyjack” by Tim Vicary

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SkyJack! [Oxford Bookworms]

De taal ervan is Engels en het aantal woorden bedraagt woorden. Skyjack This is a book about a hijacked plane. Genre: violent and action This book takes place in a plane on a airport , the divisions with Helen takes place in the office part of the airport and in the car. These are the characters in this book: Carl, Harald, Helen Sandberg, two male hijackers and one female hijacker. Summary: Harald and Carl are on their way home from a meeting. When they are in the plane Carl want some coffee, so he asks the airhostess to get him a cup of coffee. When he got the coffee he asked of it was her first time on a plane and she agreed.

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