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For Businesses. Write a Review. Eating at Teddy's is what it'd be like to eat as a VIP at Portillo's and not just becuase the owner will be the one serving most of the time. The ordering process is painless, the food is brought to your table, and you get to enjoy great food in a relatively calm dining area that lets you sit near the fireplace or watch a ballgame on TV while the staff makes sure you're taken care of.

Don't get me wrong, Portillo's is great too but you're going to wait in lines, hunt for seating, and then fight to hold a discussion at a volume that will overtake the several other conversations around you. The menu has all the classics plus some great original touches. My favorite is their special burger that comes with Pastrami on it. That combined with the great assortment of sides like the fried pickles to cheese fries and you will barely have enough room left to try one of their great milkshakes.

Go try this place out. I went back to give this place another go since my last visit was less than stellar. One of the first things I noticed was that the prices have gone up. Which is understandable, but they hadn't updated the prices on the menu online. I love fried pickles so I decided to give them another go even though I complained about the greasiness last time. The portion was huge. They were not so greasy this time either. I didn't like the sweet dipping sauce, so I asked for some ranch to go with them.

I also ordered the Western burger. I got thousand island dressed substituted for the BBQ sauce because I'm weird and thinks it's gross on a burger. The burger was good, but nothing to write home about. I guess I would go back for a quick bite, but it's nothing I will get too excited about.

Well they finally closed. This place had been going downhill for a while. Stale buns on the dogs,mold on the beef rolls, lousy location You can get a better hot dog in Home Depot Maybe the owners noticed a new Portillio's being built across the street and decided to cut their losses and shut down.

No loss to the area. Have you ever seen that restaurant that you are so curious about and have passed by a million times wondering Tonight was one of those nights where we had to find out if TeddyFabz was fab! You know what? It was A-OK. We were in a burger kind of mood tonight, and we decided to check this place out. I had no idea what to expect, especially because when we pulled up there were only two other occupied tables. We almost didn't go in, because I just didn't know if that was a good sign or not.

Anyhoo, we walked in and the signage immediately directed us to the counter to order. Aha, okay, so not a full service restaurant. Totally fine with us. We had to ask the guy with the headphones on behind the counter a couple of questions, and that was tricky getting his attention because I think he was also on drive thru duty.

Not gonna' lie, but I think maybe they should have one guy on counter and one guy on window. It just makes you feel more welcome. We know the difference people: 1 We order it at Michael's in Highland Park every single time, and 2 My son ordered the burger with Merkt's. Totally miss on that, but not the end of the world. Burgers were cooked to order, which I liked. I prefer a medium well to a medium.

I ordered the western burger with bacon and bbq sauce. The sauce was great! The burger was a decent size, and not that I needed more, but I just expected it to be a thicker patty. Boys were happy with their cheeseburgers, and my hubby got the garden burger. It was fine. Side of onion rings weren't anything special. They were A-OK. I forgot to mention, that after you order you get a number like Corner Bakery and they bring the food to your table. That was a nice plus.

However, they forgot to bring silverware, so we did have to ask for it. The cool thing that almost bumped my review up to a 4-star rating was the fact that the owner was back in the kitchen and even brought our food out.

Super nice guy, and the food came out fast! I think they should call the restaurant Teddy Fast! Would have given this place 4 stars if the value factor would have been there.

In my opinion burgers should always come with fries. Not a place we'd come back to every day. Overall, A-OK. Allows dogs on the outdoor patio. Also has a wide variety of food. All three kids loved their meals, and I honestly think this is probably some of the best "fast food" I've ever had. My tuna salad was delish, and you can't go wrong with their cheese fries.

Place was absolutely packed, fair pricing, and clean environment. I only wish they would have the option of milk with the kids meals!

To my surprise when I went for the doors due to curiosity they opened! So we have a restaurant with really obnoxiously dark tinted maybe? Oh boy I must be in for a treat! Inside it kind of has a trendy lodge type of feel. It was interesting that they actually had a radio station that was playing Bruce Hornsby and the like. Everything on the menu seemed really cheap I'm talking dive cheap prices for a place like this who obviously benefited from the corporate lunch hour.

Even though it seemed very suspect I still ordered a strawberry shake, one of their signature cheeseburgers, and some chili-cheese fries. I went to sit down and noticed the place was pretty much a ghost town aside from maybe 6 people spread out across this huge dining area.

This was around 2pm on a Wednesday. I sit and wait for about 10 minutes before my food comes. While I'm waiting I take a sip of my shake, jeezuz this thing tastes like straight sugar and salt for some reason! This was literally the worst shake I've had in my life. I can only assume the shake machine hasn't been cleaned in awhile and what I ingested was old shake mixed with mold and whatever fell into the machine.

Ok so not a good start, my food finally comes, it looks delicious so my hopes are up. A bite of the burger I barely get through half of it before I just had to take a break and start on the fries. Holding the forkful of fries I start to think if that good looking burger was that bad what about this? Everything was bland, tasted like it was 4 months past expiration. The chili was horribly chalky I don't know what was going on there. Stay away from this place.

Service is good, presentation is great for how cheap it is, but it seems like they hired some prison cooks. Unfortunately, due to the strong presence of Portillos in the area, Teddyfabz will commonly be compared to Portillos instead of against similar non-chain fast-casual American fare.

Teddyfabz does not have the same delicious char flavor you find in a Portillos burger or the perfect mix of spice and juice in a Portillos Italian Beef, but it does do fairly well in its own version of American favorites as well. Normally, this would be a 3. My favorite order to get here is the Gyros beats out Greek Feast by a little because of the way the meat is slightly crispy with an order of fried pickles.

The megalo beef 9 inches at 7. My first visit, I was really impressed with the cut above fast food menu items. Had a burger and it was stellar. The second time I ordered a cheeseburger special--decent burger; not so great fries. Each time had a milkshake which was good. The setup is efficient they bring the ordered food quickly to the table and the dining area is relaxed and comfortable flatscreen t. Good place to relax and get a fairly priced burger to eat. Ordered a cheddar burger and the cheddar used was fantabulous French fries are average.


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