Galbraith fully acknowledged the successes of the market system in economics but associated it with instability, inefficiency and social inequity. He advocated government policies and interventions to remedy these perceived faults. He argued for a new socialism, with more steeply progressive taxes, public housing, medical care and transportation, public support of the arts and the conversion of some corporations and military contractors into public corporations. He was the most read social scientist of his era. Galbraith's association with the U. Democratic Party and his criticism of fellow economists, who promoted individualistic free-market economics that he perceived as a false social reality, occasioned strong responses.

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T h e A g e o f Uncertainty. A Tlieorv- of Price Control. Economics and the Art of Controversy. T h e Affluent Society. T h e Liberal Hour. E c o n o m i c Development. T h e Scotch. T h e N e w Industrial State. T h e Triumph. Ambassador s Journal. Economics, Pt'ace and Laughter. Economics and the Public Pur[ ose. The Age of Uncertainty. John Kenneth. Houghton Mifflin Company. Boston 1 9 7 7. For Adrian Malone.

With admiration and g r a t i t u d e. Copyright in by John Kenneth Galbraith. All rights reserved. Galbraith, John Kenneth, The age of uncertainty. Based on a BBC television series scheduled for release. Includes index. Economics — History. I S B N Printed in the United States of America. W 10 A portion of this book has appeared in Horizon. On The Age of Uncertainty 7. The Prophets and Promise of Classical Capitalism The Manners and Morals of High Capitalism.

The Dissent of Karl Marx 7 7. The Colonial Idea 1 0 9. Lenin and the Great Ungluing 1 3 3. The Fatal Competition 2 2 7. The Big Corporation Land and People 2 8 0. The Metropolis Democracy, Leadership, C o m m i t m e n t 3 2 4. A Major Word of Thanks List of Illustrations Index O n T h e Age of Uncertainty. The call came at an exceptionally opportune moment for me.

Harvard professors are required by a custom thai must reach back to t h e Pilgrims t o t e l l. Faculty Club of the depth of their devotion to this duty. A terrible. I was thinking of retiring.

What if a man dozed, a couple left? After less than decent. I sat down with the men — Adrian Malone, Dick. We settled early on the title "The A g e of Lfncertainty " f o r t h e s e r i e s. Little of this certainty now survives. Given the dismaying.

As our di. It began with the. The ruling ideas of the time are those by which people and governments a r e g u i d e d. So our treatment. First, Adam Smith, Ricardo and Malthus, then the. First, the. This would be the division within the early programs as in the early chapters oi this hook.

B u t it would also b e the sequence in t h e task a s a whole. After a. The last of the great figures in economics with which I deal is. That does not mean that he is the last to deserve mention; it is only.

Television is here to stay. Ideas and the resulting institutions w e r e t h e t w o building blocks from which the series, and this book, were constructed, and both have their claim.

An enterprise for television such as this lends itself to an obvious and easy. Had this division been pressed, the results would surely have been sad. Effective presentation — intelligent planning, the search for the relevant scenes, the p h o t o g r a p h y a n d direction — was only. This they did. And in doing so, they greatly influenced my thinking, a d d e d greatly t o m y information. M y association with the BBC did not e n d with producers a n d directors.

The British Broadcasting Corporation, as everyone m u s t know, is a very great. In the world of responsible television there are the BBC and. Its genius lies in the quality of the people it attracts and also in the feeling o f everyone — the talented cameramen, s o u n d men, lighting men,.

T h e discipline of time is relentless. The problem is not simplification; one. The discipline of time manifests. And what the author selects will be intensely personal;. On The Age of Uncertainty. In telex ision. These are days when publishers will publish almost anything.

Similarly no one should publish the w ords a s written f o r t h e s c r e e n. P e r h a p s f o r programs such as this there should, on difficult points, b e provision f o r a n. But there isn't. The w riter of a book,. In preparing the series, I first wrote careful essays on each o f t h e subjects. From the original essays, amended by the scripts, I then wrote. T h e words w ere w ritten t o stand alone.

B u t I d o n o t wish to believe that the printed w ord is obsolete or obsolescent. The Prophets. Indeed the world is ruled by little else. Practical m e n ,. Streicher which was at the time in full tide, and of A l f r e d Rosenberg a n d. Then came his affirmation; ". Keynes provides the case for looking at the ideas that interpret modern.

This is so even though Keynes overstated h i s p o i n t. They are also subject to the tyranny of circumstance.


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