Natura incipit, ars dirigit, usus perficit.
Nature gives us the beginning, art creates what we have been given and practice polishes it. – Latin

Center Natalya Zenevich is a specially designed and precisely-outlined institution the main activity and purpose of which is to help people who have been diagnosed with seborrheic dermatitis or psoriasis.


Natalya (Lukyanova) Valentinovna Zenevich is a naturopathic doctor, a phytotherapeutist, a Ph.D professor, an academic senator in Accademia Internazionale Mauriziana and the founder of Center Natalya Zenevich.


She chose this unambiguous line of profession because of the illness of a loved one who suffered from proriasis, and unfortunately there was no possibility of a full recovery, for years by reason of the lack of a full-fledged quality treatment. Besides, Natalya Valentinovna Zenevich’s professional activities were significantly influced by her grandfather’s, Valentin Aleksandrovich Lukyanov, a famous surgeon who witnessed many attempts – which can easily be considered very barbaric, in terms of helping people with psoriasis – suggestions and tips.


The method and way which was experimentally chosen and had been tested for a long time by Natalya Valentinovna Zenevich was developed as a prototype of a cosmetic product for psoriasis in 1992, and later on, the product continuously proved its effectiveness both in Europe and in the Russian Federation.

Since the power of the method invented by Natalya Lukyanova Valenkovna Zenevich – and through the observance of the recommendations – reached 78% of success and all the potential factors that could lead to a wound infection were highly minimized, and this incontrovertible success of hers aroused people’s attention from all over the world. And now, as a result, and of course by popular demand of the product, Center Natalya Zenevich still continues to do its work still in 2018.