Comments and reviews from our clients who have had psoriasis Natalya Zenevich’s Method


Due to the fact that we respect and value each of our guests and his personal life, the information obtained during our consultations is strictly confidential and is not used without the written permission of the client. But there are also those who are willing to share their results with pleasure in order to show those who doubt that life with clean skin with psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis is not possible!


One of our patients whose name is Andrey Arkadevich M.

Diagnosis: Palmar and plantar psoriasis

15 years with psoriasis… In the last 5 years my I wasn’t even able to bend my palms. Whenever I tried to do it, the skin cracked and started bleeding. My opportunity to work using my hands and so much more were completely lost… I tried all the treatments of psoriasis with all types of medication, including also the strong hormonal medication, but it only aggravated the situation. From the first visit, I was impressed by the care and proficiency of the specialists. It took a little bit of time to fully recovery from the disease, but the patience was really worth it! For the first time in many years, I could see that my palms were healthy, fully recovored and I was able to move them without any hassle. When I first came into Center Natalya Zenevich, I was a little bit skeptical and it was only because of my wife’s forcing me to get there. Now, I’m not only capable of working using my hands, I can also drive a car! I am so glad and happy that there are professionals who you can trust, because they do their best for you to get healthy again. I would like to thank everyone in the center for not letting me down and give up!

One of our patients whose name is Igor Sergeevich G.

Diagnosis: seborrheic dermatitis (for 14 years.)


… I would really like to thank Center Natalya Zenevich. It was like my second spring in life. After so many years I finally got rid of my constantly itching and I can I feel so free and comfortable to be with other people again. The results were already excellent on the 5th day of the treatment.


Another of our patients whose name is Irina K.

This is the only place where I was provided with real help against my problem. Everything I had tried before to get rid of proriasis didn’t work. They have excellent specialists. And they are also vert kind and the atmosphere makes you feel like you are home. It is really cozy.


Patient Maria Viktorovna T.

Specilazed hairdressing salon for people who have psoriasis is a huge reason to be happy for people like me!

I’ve been taking care of my hair at home alone recently. Becauce when you step into a beauty salon, they start treating you like lepers…

Thank you for helping people with psoriasis! From now on, I am always going to be one of the regulars of your center!


Another of our patients whose name is Oleg Balentinovich R.

My diagnosis was seborrhea on my hand. The results are very promising and encouraging. I would like to say a special thank you to Natalya Valentinovna.


Patient Valentina S.

I’d like to thank to NatalyaValentinaovna Zenevich for her impressionable attitude and kind heart!

After having endured a long psoriasis time on her son’s face, they were completely despaired… until after a friend of theirs the advised the center to them.

Our whole family is very so thankful for what you have done for us!


Patient Sergey A.

A couple of years ago, I tried Natalya Zenevich’s succesful method already.

I was very glad to hear that she had come back to Russia again.


Patient Sergey Anatolyevich G.

I am very thankful for Galina Maksimovna and also all the staff in the center for the fact that there are incredible people like you all. The thing that matters to them is the result, not the money.

As a retired person who has a very small income, I would think I had to live with this disease until the end of my life, if I haven’t met people like you, of course, with lots of understanding and full of kindness.

I wish you all the best on your way as well as even greater success and thank you for help.


Patient Marina A.

This is the only place where I was able to get help and find a cure to my problem. They are real professionals. Wonderful atmosphere, always really calm and friendly. Their hairdresser is one of the best, too.


Start your new life with pure skin without psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis!