Dermatitis of bathers

Dermatitis or swimmers itch swimmers occurs in humans after contact with worms in the larval stage in contaminated water.

The hosts of these larvae are waterfowl (ducks, gulls, swans) and, rarely, some rodents, muskrat. A person is infected by swimming in a slowly flowing pond, in ponds. The water is contaminated with feces of birds, rodents. Larvae are attached to the human skin and embedded in the thickness of the skin. Highlighting the secret, they move easily in the skin.

At the moment of introduction of a larva the person feels sharp pain. After 2-3 hours, it begins to itch, there are pink spots, blisters. Sometimes, with severe itching, bubbles appear on the blisters, rarely with purulent contents. After 4-5 days the acute process subsides, and after 10-14 days, the process is completely allowed, the larva dies and camerastore, but the itching still persists for a long time. So do not swim in stagnant ponds, ponds, where a lot of waterfowl, water rodents. The use of protective ointments before bathing does not give a 100% guarantee of safety.