Psoriasis of the mucous membranes

This rare form of psoriasis is very difficult to be diagnosed. It might escape the patient’s notice for a very long period of time and they might bypass an appointment in a doctor’s office. The rash is localized on the red border of the lips, on the mucous membrane of the cheeks and tongue. It could be also visible, yet less often, on the mucous membrane of the urethra, bladder and lower rectum.

The rashes are in the form of nodules, plaques of oval and they are formed roundly. They could slightly bulge above the surrounding healthy mucous membrane.

Unlike psoròasis itself, this slightly different type of psoriasis of mucous mambranes refers to an atypical form of it. Such rashes are likely to occur with syphilis, lichen planus and fungal stomatitis. As the time goes by, long-lasting rash can merge into something more serious and denegerate into cancer. Therefore, it is fundamental to see a dermatologist just in time, have them observe the situation and it is necessary to follow their recommendations and the correct regime ans systematic plan.

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