Psoriasis of the palms

Of all the varieties of psoriasis, the one of the palms is presented in 10% of cases. Men are more likely to get it and it is more common amongst them rather than women. It take some time to fully recover from it in a short period of improvement. There are many factors that cause this problem, for instance: mechanical damage to the palms, frequent contact with water, household chemicals, harmful factors in the workplace, as well as the stressful situations, climatic changes, abuse of alcohol, and drugs.

Recognizing the forms of psoriasis of the palms.

Fan-shaped Blyascheno: Nodules are in the form of scales and situated as some sort of a fan. It is likely for the cracks to occur as inclunding some bleeding that could lead to infection.

Circular – the growth from the palm goes to the back surface of the hand.

Corny – the skin on the palm is bawdy, callous with the transition to the lateral surfaces of the hand and in the interdigital folds and the cracks are superficially extending until afar and profound.

Pustular – palms are tend to be red, and the feeling of tightness and discomfort is presented. There are itchy and small abscesses and crusts. This appearance can also occur on the soles.

The complete treatment of psoriasis of the palms is a long process, so to say, it requires lots of patience from the patient and the compliance as well as the agreement with the recommendations are essentials: The patient must maintain a healthy lifestyle to minimize the impact on the hands of physical and chemical loads. Usually, the question is asked whether or not about changing the job. At a professional consultation with a specialist, you can easily get to know how to significantly improve the condition of your hands specifically for your case and get professional advice on how to achieve healthy skin.

May the well-being you have been searching for be with you forever!