Psoriasis of the scalp

The scalp is one of the most frequent initial localizations of psoriasis. Psoriatic plaques are focal point of inflammation with undarkened boundaries, normally dark pink in color, covered with silvery scales – there may be crusty scales as well. Psoriatic rash on the head can last for a long time with no rash on other areas of the skin. Often the rash spreads to the skin of the forehead in the form of a crown (also known as “psoriatic crown”). The presence of inflamed or infiltrated plaques on the scalp with crusted scales may have an influence on hair growth, leading to important loss and slower growth of hair.

After having resolved the psoriatic rash, hair growth will be again restored as well as the appereance and the quality of life of those who has had psoriasis. It is worth paying special attention and reallu important to properly taking care of and washing up the head, so as not to worsen the condition of the skin. We will discuss this again in the following articles, but of course you can get so much more detailed advice in our Center.

May the beauty and health be with you!