Psoriatic erythroderma.

This is a very serious and genuine case!

Psoriatic erythroderma: It’s a common condition of already existing psoriasis. This is could occur without psoriasis often. The patient’s condition highly grave and serious, sometimes even life-threatening. The skin becomes bright red and occasionally turns to become bluish. The body temperature can go up to 38-39 degrees. Sometimes it is even hot to the touch it. The whole body is covered with white dry scales, which can easily fall even while taking off the clothes. The patient’s skin is swollen and dense as shell also it can be cracking, bleeding and getting damp. It can be hard for the patient to even sit down because of the itching issues. The skin as well as the hands are in a very bad condition, and the patient’s wounds with the improvised objects hurts the whole skin and worsen the infection. The skin becomes damp, their clothes give them clothes discomfort – they may feeli as if they were suffocating. The inguinal and femoral lymph nodes are enlarged. It is also possible for to joints to ache.

What Causes This Condition?

1- Using self-medication: Patients may use some mediciation without their doctors’ suggestion. They ignore what their doctors tell them to do and take medicines as they wish. Also irratinol use of UV/quartz may be the reason for this condition.

2 – Disregarding the diet and as a result, the abuse of foods prohibited by psoriasis.

3 – Sudden abandonment of certain drugs

And a number of other factors, which can be cause this disease, in details with help of our consultations. All of these symptoms that have been mentioned are really important and the patient must reflect on them, because they are highly likely to be diagnosed of this disease. We strongly recommend that you musn’t try to self-medicate yourselves and unless you are doctors. Only after having observed a certain guideline will prevent you from getting a psoriatic crisis.

May be the beauty, well-being and of course joy be with you!