Services and Prices

The cost of examination with the center’s specialists:

First Examination: 1700 Russian rubles per hour

Following Examinations: 1300 Russian rubles per half an hour

Examination with Natalya Valentinovna Zenevich: 1700 Russian rubles

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Apsorin Forte – Cosmetic Alcohol Balm for External Use

100 ml – 11,000 Russian rubles

50 ml – 5,550 Russian rubles

10 ml – 1,200 Russian rubles



Aprosin Cream – Nourishing Cream with Anti-allergic Effect

50 ml – 800 Russian rubles


(Please contact us for the specific volume and order of use, and/or also for particular cases)



Procedures for the scalp treatments with the use of Apsorin Forte.

“For a clean skin” – the cost is between 1,200 and 1,600 Russian rubles –  depending, obviously, on the lenghth of hair.

(The price includes washing, cleansing, processing, and drying the hair.)


Our dearest guests!

In our Center Natalya Zenevich, we have a hairdressing room that is open for all of you as well! Our very well-experienced and professional specialists who are extremely aware of the latest information of psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis are here for you. Additionally, we use the best cosmetics of today for your hair from a Japanese brand the name of which is LEBEL.

With natural components, unique formulas, an individual approach and of course with the experienced hands of our professionals will help you undoubtedly improve the condition of your hair and scalp. The main result is to have outstanding and impressive hair, beauty, style and as expected a good mood! In accordance with your request, our specialists will give you advice on hair care also at home. For your comfort, cleanliness and safety, we do not use be-able-to-be-used-again and washed-up towels. What you will get is the individual and single use only luxury products! The entire hairdressing tool undergoes a multi-stage procedure of purification and disinfection and is also provided in an individual package for each guest of ours.

Contact our experts over the phone at +7(499) 755-72-72.

Price for hairdressing.

We will be more than happy to see you in our Center!