Psoriasis on Nails

Replacing of nails in psoriasis is often a particular disease. With psoriasis on joints, the damage to the nails could reach up to 80%. Patients are usually get ashamed of their nails and they tend to avoid close communication, which could even lead to suffer from insomnia.

The main signs of replacing the nails: darkening, pits, grooves, coarsening of the nail, thickening, arching, discharge the nail from its bed. Nail treatment requires a lot of strength and patience. The disease is not contagious, there is no danger to others. Yet, it is highly necessary to exclude a fungal infection. In difficult cases, histology is unquestionably mandatory.

Consideration of several clinical manifestations of nail psoriasis:

Persistent – It occurs often. Nails look like a thimble. The point pits could be as some forms of rows, in groups, and are occisionally crossed. The formation of the nail is broken. When pressed on the pits the pain is expressed, which is not the eczema or chronic dermatosis.

Spotted – Under the nails there are pink-red bloody spots and burst small capillaries. When large capillaries crack, brownish-black spots are highly likely to appear.

Onychogriposis -Tthe nail plate is elongated, thickened and takes the form of a claw.

Onycholysis – The nail begins to move away from the nail bed from the free edge and gradually reaches the hole of the nail. Under the nail space there accumulates dust and air bubbles. The zone of detachment is limited to a pink stripe. There is sometimes a festering and decayed smell that comes from under the nail as well.

Onychomadesis: It is very severe but also rare, too. The nail exfoliates from the base of the zone
where it occurs. Inflation and swelling of the nail roller is one of the symptoms. It more often disturbs the thumbs as well.

Onyhorexis – Splitting of the nail in the longitudinal direction is combined by a deep crack, sually on the fingers.

Trachyonium – The crescent of the nail is absent and the it surface is rough and dull.

Coilonychia – The nail appears to be as in the form of a spoon. The adjourned drop of some water can hold onto the surface.

Psoriatic paronychia – inflammation of the nail moves to the nail roller, so to say on phalanx, lamellar peeling is visible, and there is purulent discharge.

Leikonichia – Under the nail there exists the destruction in the form of bubbles, spots and streaks.

How Can You Keep Your Nails Healthy?

It is essential to be pay so much attention to the nails in order to eliminate microtraumas. You must wear gloves while working even with household chemicals. To let the nails grow longer is could be risky when it comes to speaking about this kind of traumas.

May the beauty and health be always with you!